T.E.A.M. Award Nomination

Teach, Engage, Awaken, Make a Difference

The purpose of this monthly award is to honor a teacher at Logan High School for making a positive difference in the lives of a student or students.  This teacher engages students in learning while being sure that students feel important and valued. 

Many have had a teacher who stands out in our hearts and memories as a significant influence in our lives. The lessons such outstanding educators teach often go far beyond the subject matter of their fields. They may instill values and a love of learning that shape educational and career choices, lift students to better places, and engage students in a lifelong love of learning.

Please let that teacher know how much you value their efforts by nominating them for the TEAM Award today!

Nominations will be accepted from students, colleagues and members of the community.  They will be accepted in the Logan High School Main Office until 3 pm on the last day of the nomination period each month

  • December Nominations open Nov 16th - December 2nd
  • January Nominations open January 9th - 23rd  
  • February Nominations open February 6th - 20th
  • March Nominations open March 6th - 20th
  • April Nominations open April 3rd - 17th
  • May Nominations open May 1st - 15th

Selections will be made on the basis of information and insights presented on this nomination. It is helpful for the selection committee when responses are as specific as possible, reinforcing your praise and comments with real-life examples that reflect the educator's qualities and character. Please limit your responses to 150 words

Please complete the following sections of the questionnaire in your own words. 

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