Logan High
Community Council Minutes
August 15, 2018
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy AndersonKen AuldMelissa Dahle Bretton Hadfield
Mike HansenDan KentCandi MillerTracy Munson
Julie NeedhamMelanie PondJessica SandersLianne Wappett
Jim WoolleyStephanie OlsenDave Anderson(excused)Liz Dickenson(excused)
Eric Markworth(excused)Nev Pulotu(excused)CariAnn Saurey(excused)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Melanie Pond

Review and approval of May 2018 Minutes

  • Melissa Dahle motioned
  • Ken Auld 2nd
  • All in favor

Update of Expenditures Under SIP Budget 2017-2018 Discussion

  • Due to a computer problem, the final close-out budget for 2017-2018 was unavailable


  • LHS SCC Chair and Vice Chair vote for 2018-2019
    • Dan Kent volunteered to be Chair
    • Melissa Dahle voluteered to be Vice Chair
      • Melanie Pond motioned
      • All in favor


  • Principal Auld went over the goals and budget for the 2018-2019 School Improvement Plan/School Land Trust Plan.
  • We reminded parents the Community Council's role is to support all students
  • We discussed diversity of students and plans to implement a Reading Class for student below reading level
  • We shared some activities and trainings LHS teachers attened over the summer.
  • New Attendance Policy was discussed
  • Administration has an expectation for all teachers to update gradebooks weekly to help facilitate the accuracy of policy.
  • The Innovations program has increased its enrollemnt, new Coordinator for the Program is DeAnna Stallings

Question/Concerns from Council Members



  • Jim Woolley motioned
  • Dan Kent 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018 @ 5 p.m.