LHS Leveled Diplomas Patron Meeting

Leveled Diploma Patron Meeting
March 13, 2019
LHS Media Center

A committee of parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators have been working on a plan to provide different levels of diplomas to Logan High School graduates, based on the coursework they complete.  At this meeting, the proposal will be shared with parents in order to answer questions and receive feedback. We invite parents of current and future students at Logan High to attend with us.



Keep in mind when purchasing from Josten’s that the gown is rented. You get to keep the hat and tassel but the GOWN MUST BE RETURNED. Half of our Senior deadlines have passed but we still have more to go.

Junior Higher Ed Day

Junior Higher Ed Day

Juniors ACT Test Day



  Wednesday, February 20, all High Schools in the state of Utah will be administering the ACT test for juniors. Although it is a Wednesday, we will not be following a late start schedule. School will begin at 8:00 am and end at 2:40 pm. This is a mandatory test, all juniors are expected to attend. Juniors need to report to their preassigned classroom by 8 am. Please inform your student due to ACT regulations any students who use their cell phone at any time during the testing period will have their test invalidated. Breakfast will be available before the test, lunch will be provided if your student does not bring their own.

 Grades 9, 10 and 12 will not be at school but will be required to complete an assignment at home from each teacher in order to receive attendance credit for the day. Students who do not complete assignments will be given an unexcused absence for that period.

Please call 435-755-2380 with any questions.

New Participation Policies

LHS Community-

In an effort to clarify our student leaders and student-athlete expectations, we are enacting two new participation policies (eligibility and social media) effective January 14, 2018.  Every effort will be made to publicize and communicate these new policies to all of our students and families.  The eligibility policy will start with Spring activities and sports.  

Attached are the two policies for your review.  We appreciate your support and encouragement of our clubs, activities and athletics.  

LHS Administration

Add Your Photos to the Yearbook


We want to use your pictures in this year's yearbook!  Please click on the following link to upload your photographs, so that the yearbook staff can have access to them.  The higher the resolution, the better, but we'll check out anything you've got.  Help us immortalize you and your friends in the LHS Amphion!

When this shortcut is gone you can still add picture by going to Students>LHS Info>Yearbook