LHS Attendance

The Logan High School attendance policy is based on the knowledge that the explanations, clarifications, and discussions taking place in the classroom are invaluable components of the school learning experience. The benefits of instruction, once lost cannot be entirely regained. The administration and staff at Logan High School are committed to the success of students. We expect each student to attend each class every school day.


Student success can best be achieved when students, parents, teachers, and school administration work together toward a common goal. To reach the goal of student success, each member of the school community must recognize, understand, and fulfill their responsibilities.

The Role of the Student:

  • Be on time and attend all classes.
  • Follow proper check-in/check-out procedures.
  • Obtain assignments from the teacher due to absences.

The Role of the Teacher:

  • Keep an accurate roll of all absences and tardies.
  • Emphasize the importance of class time by beginning class promptly and providing meaningful instruction bell to bell.
  • Discuss attendance issues with students and parents/guardians as they arise and inform the school administration if attendance does not improve.

The Role of the Parent/Guardian:

  • Encourage regular attendance at school. Regularly check Aspire at https://sis.loganschools.org/Login/ and keep personal contact information current with the school.*
  • Avoid interruptions of the academic year as much as possible by planning medical appointments and vacations at times that will not require students to be out of school.
  • Contact the attendance office to notify the school of student’s absence within 5 school days of the absence and of any excused tardy within the same school day.

The Role of the Administration:

  • Maintain an earnest and persistent effort to improve student attendance.
  • Identify students with attendance issues and work cooperatively with parents/guardians, school guidance counselors, and students to improve attendance.
  • Enforce and uphold the Utah State Compulsory Education law related to school-level policies.

The Role of the Attendance Office:

  • Keep administrators and parents/guardians informed of the attendance problems.
  • Notify parents/guardians of excessive absenteeism by phone or mail.
  • Review attendance daily and resolve discrepancies in student attendance records.
  • Provide check-in/check-out slips upon authorization by phone or in person by a student’s parent/guardian.

* Logan High School provides computerized attendance and class grade records online. Parents and students can check current grades, missing assignments, and attendance. You will need a login and password to access the site. Login information is available through the attendance office. Our phone system also calls home to report daily absences.



Truancy is when a student is deliberately absent from school and/or class without knowledge or consent of their parents/guardians and/or the school. Truancies may restrict students from participating in extra-curricular activities.

Turancies will result in the following:

    1 trancy – Parent/Guardian contact and academic working lunch detention
    2 trancies – Academic working lunch detention and 2 hours of restitution
    3 truancies – In School Suspention (ISS)
    4 truancies – Saturday School


Unexcused absences are student absences not cleared by a parent/guardian within 5 school days. Unexcused absences will result in the following:

    1 missed class = 1 absence

    10 absences – Letter informing parents/guardians of attendance expectations and after school study hall until no missing assignments are noted.
    20 absences – Letter informing parents/guardians, In School Suspention (ISS), and continuation of after school study hall until no missing assignments are noted.
    40 absences – Saturday School and continuation of after school study hall until no missing assignments are noted.


Students are considered tardy at the sound of each class bell. Should a student arrive to class 20 minutes or more into the respective class period, they will receive an office referral to meet with the Dean of Students. They will also receive an Unexcused Absence unless excused through the school office during the same school day by a parent/guardian. Total tardies per term will result in the following:

    4 – Call home
    8 – Call home and working lunch detention
    12 – Call home and 2 hours of restitution
    16+ -- Call home and In School Suspention (ISS)


Rewards and incentives for good attendance will be implemented and may vary. Examples include:

  • Teachers have the option to award Spirit Cards.
  • Quarterly prize drawings for students with no tardies and/or absences.
  • Attendance reward activities for students with all satisfactory citizenship grades.


  • Parent/Guardian contact and communication
  • In School Suspention (ISS)
  • Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS)
  • Saturday School
  • Working lunches
  • Restoration activities and study halls
  • Parents will receive a phone call each day that a student has one or more missed class periods.
  • Absence letters sent to parents/guardians at 10 and 20 days missed.



A student coming to school late should report to the attendance office to check in. Excused admittance to school will be determined by an appropriate note or phone call that explains the reason for the check in.


Once a student has been to school and needs to leave for any reason, it is imperative that the student check out through the attendance office. Only the parent or legal guardian may approve a student to be checked out from school. Students may be released to others listed on their registration card only after the parent or guardian has given direct approval. If a child is not to be released to a non-custodial parent/guardian, it is the custodial parent’s responsibility to notify the attendance office and provide proof of a protective order or court order.

When checking out a student, please allow the attendance office sufficient time to retrieve him/her. A parent must either call the attendance office or the attendance office may call the student’s home to verify the check out. Notes from home must include a phone number to verify absence. Students will then be available to meet parents out front.

Students leaving school without following proper check-out procedure will be considered truant. Students are not allowed to leave campus without prior parental permission which must be cleared through the attendance office.

Once a student has checked out, she/he will be required to leave school grounds until checked back in through the school office.


Parents and students are encouraged to maintain communication with their teachers via email or phone during times of prolonged absence. Parents may request home-bound instruction for student absences resulting from injury or illness that may exceed 10 consecutive school days.

Parents/guardians are welcome to call or visit the school for current attendance information regarding their child. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to monitor student attendance by accessing asipre at https://sis.loganschools.org/Login/.