Logan High School Community Council Minutes

April 18, 2018 HS
Main Office Conference Room



Attendees: Amy Anderson,  Ken Auld, Monica Chase, Melissa Dahle, Dan Kent, Melanie Pond, Lianne Wappett,  CariAnn Saurey, Jim Woolley, Stephanie Olsen

Excused: Stacee Flygare, Mike Hansen, Tawni Hyde, Eric Markworth, Tracy Munson, Melanie Peterson, Nev Pulotu, Heather Ratchford, Jessica Sanders, Sela Wallace

Welcome & Call to Order: Chair Pond

Review and approval of March 2018 Minutes- - Motion to approve March 2018 meeting minutes proposed by Jim Woolley with a second by Melissa Dahle. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion: Update of expenditures under SIP budget 2017-18. School Board will vote on SIP 2018-19 on April 24, 2018.

LHS SCC Parent Election Planning for 2018-2019 School Year: Stephanie Olsen will send out a Parent link notification to announce 6 seats on the Community Council for Logan High School.

Business:  Chair Pond turned time over to Principal Auld- He talked about upcoming teacher changes for the 2018-19 school year, support systems in the Innovations program to assist students in completing credit requirements, going forward have laptop’s social media access disabled during school time, Innovations is still work in progress, can take up to 3 years to work out all issues.

Questions/Concerns from Council Members: Question concerning AP classes was raised, there has been talk of eliminating the AP program at LHS, Principal Auld put these rumors to rest, there will actually be more sections of AP next year, satellite courses with USU was mentioned again, still in the process, Dan Kent mentioned he had spoken to Dave Long at the District about the Parent app, he is not opposed to looking into it, but Superintendent Schofield p[refers only 1 app for the entire district.

Chair Melanie Pond brought to the council’s attention important upcoming dates, Dan Kent made the motion to adjourn, and motion was seconded by CariAnn Saurey and unanimously approved.

Next Community Council meeting: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 5 pm.