Logan High
Community Council Minutes
January 18, 2018
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy AndersonKen AuldMonica ChaseDan Kent
Melanie PetersonMelanie PondJessica SandersSela Wallace
Stephanie OlsenTracy Strickland(ex)Mike Hansen(ex)Nev Pulotu(ex)
Melissa Dahle(ex)Stacee Flygare(ex)Tawni Hyde(ex)Tawni Hyde(ex)
Heather Ratchford(ex)CariAnn Suraey(ex)Jim Woolley(ex)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Chair Pond

REview and approval of December 2017 Minutes

  • Ken Auld montioned
  • Jessica Sanders 2nd
  • All in favor

Update of Expenditures under SIP budget 2017-2018 Discussion

  • Updates were made, the available budget of $211,859 as of 1/16/2018 had expended $49,375.13 leaving a balance of $162,483.87. Expected to continue through to the end of the year:
    • Carryover to 2018-2019: $12,000.00
    • Wages and Benefits (Feb-June): $50,000.00
    • Encumbrance for Equipment (jan 2018: $12,550.00 [$77,993.87]
    • PBIS/Hero (5k)
    • New Hires tutors/paras/aides(40k)
    • Teacher Stipends (8k)
    • Data Driven Instruction Training (20k)
    • PLC Training(7k)
    • Some suggestions for extra funds were:
      • Offer more teacher the option to work through their Prep period, providing more instructions/help for studetns, creating Math, Science and English "Labs".


  • Parent members, open spots
    • Tracy Munson to take on 1.5-year term and LIanne wappet to toke on the .5-year term
      • Melanie Peterson motioned
      • Dan Kent 2nd
      • All in favor


  • Principal Auld discussed 2nd quarter grades, absences, Innovations update and other per Prinipal discretion.
  • He also talked about Sharp survey results, students not feeling comfortable talking to teachers, lost in the crowd, this brought up questions:
    • Could we hire more Counselors?
    • Ken's response: We are actually below the State ratio of counselors to students and we could definitely benefit from having more.
    • We need to send any concerns to the Superintendent.
  • Are the "incentive" cards being handed out by teacher/staff and being redeemed at the school store?
    • Response: We will look into the data on that.
  • Chair Melanie Pond brought ot the council's attention important upcoming dates.


  • Jessica Sanders motioned
  • Sela Wallace 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018 @ 5 p.m.