Logan High
Community Council Minutes
November 28, 2018
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy AndersonMelissa DahleLiz DickensonBretton Hadfield
Mike HansenDan KentCandi MillerJulie Needham
Melanie PondJessica SandersCariAnn SaureyLianne Wappett
Jim WoolleyStephanie OlsenKen Auld (excused)Eric Markworth (excused)
Tracy Munson (excused)Nev Pulotu (excused)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Dan Kent

Review and Approval of October 2018 Minutes

  • Bretton Hadfield motioned
  • Jessica Sanders 2nd
  • All in favor


  • Vice Principal Sharr went over the 2017-2018 SIP goals and expenditures and discussed the STAR data.
  • She also mentioned upcoming Professinal Development opportunities for teachers, and State end of year testing.

Questions/Concerns from Council Memebers

  • Council members would like to know how many "F's" were give 1st term compared to last year.


  • Dan Kent motioned
  • Bretton Hadfield 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @ 5 p.m.