Programs, Clubs, Conferences, Camps, Recognition Opportunities

  • HOBY Leadership seminar - This is a fantastic opportunity for high school sophomores.  Registration is open now!!  Students who have attended this event in the past rave about their experience - come and see Sharon in the Career Center if you are interested.  You will have to be nominated by your school to go.
  • American Legion Auxiliary Girls State  - June 4-9, 2018.  Open to Junior girls only.  This is an awesome experience.  Attendees receive 3 credits from Weber (transferable) and many will be awarded scholarships.  The site still lists 2017 info, but check it out and see if you are interested; current info will be coming in January.
  • Spirit of America Youth Conference- Selected 11th grade students will attend the Spirit of America Youth Conference in the spring in Pennsylvania.  Open to current 11th grade students.  Funding may be available to cover the $400 fee.  Submit application by Nov 17;  see Sharon in the Career Center for details.
  • Logan City Youth Council - Get involved!  Looks great on applications and resumes and it's a ton of fun!
  • Utah Scholars Recognition Application - This is a fun one!!  Complete 200 points worth of college prep activities and receive a recognition medallion to wear at graduation!
  • Washington Youth Summit on the Environment -