The Grizz Kids club will be selling shirts for SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD in the lobby during lunch until February 17th.  Cost of shirts are $6.  Come support a great cause and encourage others to promote respectful language.

Wanna send your crush a candy gram? Todos Unidos will be selling them Monday through Wednesday in the lobby for $1! Come buy one and make someone feel special before Valentines.

There will be a wheelchair basketball game on Wednesday, March 2nd at Mount Logan Middle School. This will begin at 6:00 p.m. For more information please look for the flyer by the office.

On February 18th all JUNIORS will be meeting in the Girl’s Gym starting 4th hour to register for the ACT test that will be given on March 1st.

The Asian American Student Association at the University of Utah will be hosting their annual high school conference on Friday, February 26th.  This conference is a great way for students to interact with faculty, staff, and administration at the U while attending different workshops about diversity scholarships, admission requirements, and financial aid. Etc.  Register online by February 20th:   http://tinyurl.com/j6qbduc.

SENIORS:  The Community Foundation of Utah has 11 scholarships that they will be accepting applications for through April 15.  The application process is completely online. Stop by the Student Center for information on these scholarships and how to apply for them.


Please check that your FULL LEGAL NAME is correct on the list across from the Main Office. This is what will be printed on your Diploma. See Mrs. Olsen in the Counseling Center immediately if changes need to be made- we will be submitting the list to the printer on Feb 10, 2016

***This list does not guarantee you will graduate, see your Counselor if you have questions.

Scholarship and Award Opportunities

Most Utah colleges and universities have a December 1 deadline for their major scholarships. To ensure that you do not miss out on a scholarship, visit the website of the college or university you plan to attend and get the necessary information needed to apply for a scholarship It is to your advantage to start the scholarship process now..

If you are interested in attending BYU with a major in geological sciences or space science the George Hansen Scholarship information is now available. The application and information link is: http://www.geology.byu.edu/Home/news/george-hansen-scholarship.

(Due Feb 15)

The ACLU of Utah is pleased to announce their 2016 Youth Activist Scholarshipprogram. They will be offering two scholarships at $1,500 each. Applications and qualification information is in the Student Center.

(Due Feb 15)

If you are of Italian ancestry and a 2016 graduate of a Utah school, you are eligible for the Women’s Italian American Civic League Scholarship.   Applications and requirement information is available in the Student Center.

(Due Feb 17)

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship information and applications are available in the Student Center. This scholarship provides tuition to 16 ATC and Universities in the state of Utah.

(Due Feb 22)

Information on the BATC Scholarship is now available. This scholarship is for a $1,000 tuition waiver to current seniors who will graduate from high school.   Applications are available in the Student Center.

(Due Feb 28)

Thain Scholars Scholarship information and application is available in the Student Center. This scholarship is for students enrolling at USU with a 3.5 GPA and plan to enroll in Language or Philosophy courses.

(Due Feb 28)

Applications for the Summer Citizen Scholarship are available in the Student Center. Applicants should demonstrate financial need, the potential for success, personal integrity, and academic achievement. The award ranges from $500 – $2000.

(Due Mar 10)

Jiffy Lube announces their Utah Jiffy Lube Teen Drive Scholarship.   Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000. Application is done online. Information is available in the Student Center.

(Due Mar 25)

Paul Mitchell School in Logan is pleased to announce the 2016 scholarship opportunity for prospective students. If you are interested in a career in cosmetology, scholarship criteria and applications are available in the Student Center.

(Due Jul 31)


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