Sign Up for Driver Education

GEAR UP is sponsoring a postcard design contest. The card will be printed 5×7 inches and can either be full color or a line-drawing similar to the grown-up coloring books. Designs must be school appropriate and contain the words GEAR UP. The design contest starts now and ends Jan. 22. Turn in submissions to the Grizz Center.

Students you can sign up for Driver Education in the Office. The class will begin January 18th. The cost is $125.00.

Have you purchased a yearbook? The price of the yearbook is $55. The deadline for purchasing a yearbook is January 15.


Scholarship and Award Opportunities

Most Utah colleges and universities have a December 1 deadline for their major scholarships. To ensure that you do not miss out on a scholarship, visit the website of the college or university you plan to attend and get the necessary information needed to apply for a scholarship It is to your advantage to start the scholarship process now..

Logan High School Athletics and Utah State University have teamed up with the families and friends of Robert Lauriski, Brent Toolson and Stan Laub to create three scholarships for the benefit of LHS. The scholarships are for football, baseball, and basketball and participation is required in the sport for the scholarship for which you are applying. The $6,000 scholarships are for one academic year. More information is available in the Student Center.

The ACLU of Utah is pleased to announce their 2016 Youth Activist Scholarshipprogram. They will be offering two scholarships at $1,500 each. Applications and qualification information is in the Student Center.

If you are of Italian ancestry and a 2016 graduate of a Utah school, you are eligible for the Women’s Italian American Civic League Scholarship. Applications and requirement information is available in the Student Center.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship information and applications are available in the Student Center. This scholarship provides tuition to 16 ATC and Universities in the state of Utah.

Applications for the Summer Citizen Scholarship are available in the Student Center. Applicants should demonstrate financial need, the potential for success, personal integrity, and academic achievement.   The award ranges from $500 – $2000.

Jiffy Lube announces their Utah Jiffy Lube Teen Drive Scholarship.   Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000. Application is done online. Information is available in the Student Center.


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